Release date: February 2

Out now from Rott is Adrian Murdoch’s Emperors of Rome. The book is a lively yet academically rigorous account of the seventy-eight Roman emperors from Augustus to Romulus Augustulus who ruled in the West for the 503 years between 27 BC and AD 476. It also attempts to look behind the throne at the emperor as a man. It has 69 colour illustrations and each chapter has an up-to-date bibliography. Taking in written accounts – historical, literary and epigraphic – archaeology, art and coinage, Emperors of Rome reflects current academic thinking.

Adrian Murdoch is a historian, journalist and broadcaster. A former senior correspondent for Reuters, he is the author of a number of books, including Rome’s Greatest Defeat: Massacre in the Teutoburg Forest. Andrew Roberts named it one of the books of 2006 in the Daily Telegraph and Tom Holland called it “surely the definitive work on the massacre in the Teutoburger Wald”. He has presented and appeared in a number of documentaries for the History Channel, National Geographic and PBS. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

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